2016 Curriculum

I am so excited about the new year!  The super cool thing about homeschooling is that you can decide when your “year” begins and ends.  You can follow your child’s lead instead of sticking to a calendar.  Love that!

The Observer is ready to begin letters and their sounds in earnest.  He has been able to identify 95% of his letters for some time now, and is starting to ask “What letter does {insert object of interest} start with?” about anything and everything.  I hadn’t planned on starting a reading program until next year, but ordered All About Reading’s Pre-Reading program this month and plan to start it after Christmas & the New Year.

I am very closely following Lacy’s (from the blog Catholic Icing) plan using AAR (All About Reading).  We will do one letter per week, doing the capital letter one day, the lowercase another, and the sound the letter makes another day.  Since The Observer loves animals, we are also using the same animal encyclopedia to learn more about each animal featured with each letter.  We are also going to tie in Geography here since my son loves maps so much.  We will identify what kind of habitat the animal prefers and locate it on our maps.

The Observer has started adding numbers on his own, so in addition to the AAR/science/geography lesson, we are going to begin a gentle approach to math using the MathStart series by Stuart J. Murphy.  We happened to check out one of these books from the library purely based on the cover.  I had no idea what a treasure I was finding!  These are a leveled series of books covering a variety of mathematical concepts.  The books are well-written that simply reinforce math through a story format.  The website even has a resource page of activities to do along with the books!  We will start reading our way through the Level 1 series when we resume school in January.

Looking forward to implementing our new plan and will keep you posted on how it goes!