A Peek at Our Morning Basket

I’ve briefly touched on Morning Basket in earlier posts, and have gushed profusely on my Facebook about how much we love it, but I thought I might give a few more details on how we are doing Morning Basket.

First, the disclaimer that I am no expert!  And Morning Basket will look different for every family, but I am using this blog as a record of our homeschooling adventures, and I thought it would be fun to look back later and see how it has transformed over time.  I only instituted Morning Basket as part of our daily routine in June I believe, and we’ve already had one major overhaul, so I foresee many over the years!

Our Summer Morning Basket

Oh, sweet summertime!  Our routine in the summer was to go outside first thing before it got too hot, and then do Morning Basket afterwards.  Since we didn’t have any formal school work to do, Morning Basket just sort of grew and grew.  The boys loved it, and I loved the anchor that it provided in our otherwise blurry-run-of-summer-days.  We did music, art, fine motor skills activities, and of course lots and lots of reading.  We easily spent 2 hours, sometimes 3 each day on Morning Basket.

School Term Morning Basket

Once school started, I quickly realized I needed to trim back our Morning Basket time.  I mean, the main reason I even considered homeschooling is because I feel like children spend too much time in school.  So, I whittled away and moved things around until it better fit our school day schedule.  I am going to give a brief rundown of what our Morning Basket currently includes:

Prayer & Bible Story – I actually have a couple of different options for both prayer and Bible time that we rotate through.20160910_205746

Calendar Time – debating on whether to keep this as part of Morning Basket. I just can’t get it to flow nicely. I think it might be better suited for Table Time.

Memory Work – This includes our CC Memory Work (Presidents, Geography, Timeline, Skip Counting and Science), as well as letter sound flashcards and Mother Goose Poetry. It takes Creed 1-2 weeks to memorize a poem, and I was amazed at how much he seems to enjoy that task.

Children’s Treasury of Virtues – We read one story each morning.  This may be Cruz’s favorite part. He loves these stories, particularly The Knights of the Silver Shield and St. George and the Dragon.

Then, we rotate the following subjects: Spanish, Music, and Art.  I believe I will also use this time for seasonal picture books.  I am getting anxious to add our Fall Books to the Basket!  🙂


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