An Ode to the Unnoticed Hero

This morning, as the early dawn’s rays filtered through my bedroom window, I began to waken to the day before me.  Anticipation built in my head and my heart as I pondered what lie ahead.  After taking an extended weekend to spend time with family, and then our CC Community Day yesterday, we were finally getting to settle back into our routine.  How I had missed it!

The boys woke and began playing so sweetly together.  I fixed my hot coffee (unusual for me – I’m a hot tea girl), and then encouraged the boys to come out on the back patio with me.  They played; I enjoyed my mug of coffee, and then we came back in for Morning Basket.  We prayed, we read the Bible, we practiced our Memory Work, we went on a voyage around the world with our maps, we recited poetry, we read a story from the Treasury.  Then it was time for “Morning Break,” and the boys continued to play well together while I stripped the beds for sheet-laundering day and did the dishes.  I listened to my boys chatter while simultaneously listening to homeschool podcast.

In preparation for “Table Time,” I got out my lesson planner and weekly assignment binder.  And then it hit me, how this was all possible.  Other than God (who of course is truly The One who makes all things possible), my days – these dreamy, frustrating, lovely, sometimes exasperating days – are made possible by one sweet, quiet, steady man.  My husband.

He is so reserved.  It is so easy, scarily so, to forget, to take for granted the sacrifices he makes for me, for our sons.  He has an hour commute one-way each day, to a job with unpredictable hours.  He is gone much of the day.  He is so reliable.  Never do I question whether he will be able to hold down his job.  Any doubts I have regarding homeschooling do not stem from his role as a homeschool dad.

People often comment to me that they “couldn’t do that” when they find out that we have begun our homeschool journey.  But you know what I couldn’t do?  My husband’s job.  And he does it so unflinchingly, so steadily.  So today, I just wanted to proclaim my gratitude for the member of our family who makes it possible for me to do what I love every single day.  And he’s pretty cute to boot!  And he belongs to me!


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