CC Cycle 2 Week 6 Ideas

Hello all!

I’m not sure if this would be helpful to many people or not, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!  I thought I would try to post a few of lesson plan ideas for each week that tie-in with the CC Foundations Guide, as well as share the link to my Pinterest board for the week.  Let me know if that’s helpful!

My son is 4, soon to be 5, and though this is our second year to be part of a CC Community, it is his first year in a Foundations class.  Since he is so young, I am only focusing on Geography, Science, Timeline, Skip Counting, and the Presidents song consistently.  I will include the other subjects if I feel like he is up for it.

Science Memory Work
For this week’s Science Memory Work, we are having a little fun!  We watched The Berenstain Bears Don’t Pollute (Anymore!) and School House Rock Earth!  We may do some of the activities featured on the Pinterest board as well.

History Memory Work
This week, I decided to try out the History Sentence, which focuses on the Renaissance Period and mentions Shakespeare.  We read this cute, quirky book, Will’s Quill or How a Goose Saved Shakespeare by Don Freeman (author of Corduroy).  And wouldn’t you know the feathers were on sale this week at Hobby Lobby?  So, we brandished our quills (and had I had the forethought, I would have gotten some ink as well), and pressed the ends onto an ink pad and tried at our hand at writing with quills.  We decided pens were a marvelous invention.  😉


Pinterest Board
Here’s the link to my Pinterest board for this week:

Happy Homeschooling!


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