Lent 2017 Plans

Pinterest is lovely, but sometimes I find myself craving a sequential list with descriptions, especially when planning a “unit” or “season” of activities and lessons.  This post is really more for myself than anything, but I thought I would share with my friends in case they were looking for some meaningful Lenten activities to do with their little ones!

So, in case you hadn’t realized from the first paragraph, the majority of these plans are not my own creations!  I will link to all other websites or blogs here in this post.  So, without further ado, here are our plans for Lent!

Ash Wednesday
Post this calendar from CatholicIcing.  I printed this two years ago and laminated it.  My sons mark off each day with a dry erase marker.  I love all the liturgical colors and symbols on the path to Easter.  We have had many a conversation that stemmed from this calendar alone.  In fact, if a lot of activities overwhelm you, I would do just this one!
Do this craft and introduce this song from CatholicIcing.  Both the craft and the song help convey the meaning of Lent in a very easy to understand way for little ones!

Fridays During Lent
We will alternate devotions to do on Lenten Fridays during our Morning Basket, a Stations of the Cross Activity and a Sorrowful Mysteries activity.
Stations of the Cross Activity: This was *not* my idea in its entirety, and I cannot take credit for it.  Last year, a friend on the Internet posted about making these Stations of the Cross stones. They are just those clear pebble crafting stones from Hobby Lobby. Print small stations scenes and Mod Podge them on.  Here is what I added. I numbered them on the back, and made a Way of the Cross mat. We begin with the stones turned over, number side showing. As I read the station (from this simplified Stations of the Cross), my son finds the right number and puts it on in the mat.

Sorrowful Mysteries Activity: I printed these free rosary coloring pages from The Kennedy Adventures and laminated them.  The boys can color them over and over again with their dry erase markers.  They color the corresponding page as I read the mystery and prayers. (Note: the last time I used these, I noticed a typo.  On some of the cards, the gospel is listed as Mark when it should have been Matthew, or vice versa.  Check the Scripture beforehand so you aren’t flipping through the Bible while trying to keep little ones on task.)

Palm Sunday
This handprint and footprint craft looks like fun!  Plus, on a Sunday, I’ll have Daddy home to help!  😉

Holy Week
I plan on doing this awesome activity (again from CatholicIcing) throughout Holy Week.  It will probably take some time, but my map-loving boy will really enjoy it!  The idea is to recreate Jerusalem with wooden blocks so the kids can really see how things happened that week.  I wanted to do it last year, but we didn’t have wooden blocks.  We do this year, and I am really excited to do this hands-on approach to the events that take place during Holy Week.

Holy Thursday
We did this craft last year, and the boys enjoyed it so much, we are going to do it again!  After we complete this model of the Last Supper, we will use it as our centerpiece on the dining room table.  (I already have my egg carton set aside!)

Good Friday – Easter Sunday
Another activity I really wanted to do last year, but didn’t have the courage, haha!  The boys are another year older and ready for this now I think.  We are going to make a Resurrection Garden!  I am going to tweak the directions on this link just a bit though.  We will assemble the garden on Good Friday, and place a peg doll “Passion Jesus” in the tomb and place the rock over it.  (Peg dolls similar to these, but I will paint my own.)  On Easter Sunday morning, I will move the rock and place a “Resurrection Jesus” on top of the tomb.

So, that’s it a nutshell!  It looks like a lot, all typed out like that, but in reality, there will be several days where we don’t do anything…  I just love this liturgical season and am looking forward to sharing the beauty of it with my little ones!


2 thoughts on “Lent 2017 Plans

    • I am so sorry for the delay in my response to your message!! I am still figuring out the dashboard on wordpress. 🙂 We love your coloring books!! My boys are 5 and 3, so they are PERFECT for helping us get through a decade or two.
      In the Luminous Mysteries book, on pgs. 6 and 8 and 10, the Scripture is listed as Matthew, and should be Mark. (The chapters and verses are correct.)


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