Parts of a Flower Cut & Paste Activity

Hello all!  After perusing the Internet for a specific flower cut & paste activity, I made my own, based on this activity on the University of Hawaii’s website, found through a Google search.

This cut & paste activity is perfect for pre-writers in the Classical Conversations curriculum, for the Science Activity and Memory Work during Weeks 10 and/or 11.  However, it can be used by anyone!

Template (leave this page as is, paste other parts onto this template):

parts of a flower

Petals (print on colored paper – I used purple):


Stamens, Pistils, & Anthers (print on yellow paper):

stamens, pistils, and anthers

Sepals & Stems (print on green paper):

sepal and stem

To speed along the activity (especially for the younger crowd), pre-cut the pieces so your little ones are merely pasting the parts onto the template.  Enjoy!


Wild Kratts Themed Birthday Party + a FREEBIE!

My boys’ birthdays are fast approaching at the end of this month, and they are currently very into the PBS show The Wild Kratts.  And a brother duo theme for a brother birthday party?  Perfect!

Birthday party preparations have begun in earnest and I have spent more than a few evenings watching Netflix and working on projects.  Here are a couple of my favorites from around the web:

Wild Kratts Creature Pods

Using the idea behind this awesome craft from Reading Confetti, I made “creature pods” for the birthday boys and their guests by painting toilet paper tubes black, then cutting a slit up the back and rounding the corners.  I printed pictures of the Wild Kratt characters and modge podged them onto the tubes.  The boys can “push” the buttons and “call” whichever character they want to during their creature adventures.  After a couple of times of putting them on and taking them off, the tubes were stretching a bit, so we hole punched them and laced them up with yarn for a better fit.




I saw these neat little party favors floating around on Pinterest and decided to make my own.  I actually used paper towel tubes cut in half for this craft rather than toilet paper tubes.  The tubes are a little longer and a little sturdier.  Also, using toilet paper tubes was the perfect size for using 8.5 x 11 scrapbook paper to cover the tubes.  I got one pair of binoculars per scrapbooking page.  I bought camo paper when it was half price at Hobby Lobby, wrapped the tubes, then covered the ends with black electrical tape.  I hot glued two tubes together, hole punched the outsides, and tied yarn on for the kids to hang them around their necks.


Freebie! North American Animal Sack Puppets Template

Also found on Pinterest, was this fun idea for a Wild Kratts themed birthday party: making animal sack puppets!  This idea is found on the PBS website, but there are no templates included!  I made one for the buffalo and eagle, the two animals my son requested, and have uploaded them here for you!  Enjoy!

Buffalo body parts

Buffalo face pieces & hooves

Eagle face pieces

Eagle feathers

Eagle left wing

Eagle right wing