TTM’s Favorite Resources

In this day in age, there is no need to reinvent the wheel!  With the exception of one or two very specific unit studies that my son wanted to do, very seldom have I created my own lessons from scratch.  I have used ideas, printables, and lesson plans from all corners of the Internet.  When I first started seeking out these types of blogs, I could easily spend hours a day a week on Pinterest and in the blogosphere reading, perusing, and otherwise staring longlingly at my computer screen.  After some time though, I began to rely on a few blogs for almost all of my needs.  I thought I would share with you a list of my go-to places!
This is one of my favorite blogs for printables.  I particularly like her rhyming alphabet books and beginning sounds cover pages.  Oh!  And Anna shares the BEST book lists!  We regularly request books off of her lists from our local library.
My son loves anything crafty, and will remember a lesson much more readily if it is accompanied by a hands-on activity.  I love using this blog’s artsy take on teaching theology, and so far it has been a hit with my son!  Some of our favorites have been the Lenten calendar and the Resurrection craft.  I also loosely use Lacy’s pre-school model  for homeschooling our son.
I subscribe to this blog, but also routinely search its archives for awesome ideas!  Carisa has a heart for the Lord and for educating her children; it is evident in everything she shares!


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